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5 ways to share Valentine's Day with Elder Adults

February 14th isn’t just for couples – everyone can celebrate! It's a day when people share messages of love and spend time together. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to spend quality time with family, neighbours & friends.

5 ways to share Valentine's Day with Elder Adults.

1. Food and Valentine's day go hand in hand. Celebrate by making some chocolate covered strawberries or cooking a meal. Spending a little time in the kitchen is often underrated when it comes to the health benefits it offers seniors. Regardless of ability, with a little support when & where needed, spending time in the kitchen can help seniors exercise their agility, mobility and dexterity.


2. Watching movies can provide a great escape from people's daily challenges. Consider keeping things positive and upbeat by watching a comedy. There is no better therapy than laughter.

Whether the group is just the two of you or a family viewing party, pop the popcorn, grab a comfy spot and check out a flick!


3. Games are a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day with seniors. From Jenga challenges & board games to playing cards & video games, this just might be one of the funnest ways to spend Valentine's day. Games not only provide social interaction and personal engagement, they offer a fun way to exercise the brain.


4. Go shopping or window shopping! From visiting your favorite fishing or clothing store to picking up some groceries or replenishing knitting supplies, we all have things we like to shop for. Shopping can offer seniors the benefits social integration, exercise, fresh air and escape from daily routines.


5. Whether you share the same home or live oceans apart communication is the best way you can share Valentine's Day with someone you love.

In today's tech world it has never been easier to reach out to mom or dad to express your love to them. If you are not within hugging distance, applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to Skype & Google Duo are great ways to show how much you care. Pick up a device, give your elderly loved one a call and let them know that you are thinking of them on Valentine's Day.


From a few hours to around the clock care Pacific Coast Health Care provides seniors with the care and support they need where and when they need us most. Have questions? Call our 24/7/365 care line at (250) 389-0202 to book a free in home health consultation.


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