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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Is the Google Home just what the doctor ordered?

The Google Home is an all Wi-Fi speaker that doubles up as a smart home control hub and personal assistant. The million dollar question is, what does this have to do with seniors and how can it make a difference in seniors' lives?

Google Home is a personal assistant and central hub for all your connected devices. Whether you need medication reminders, looking for an easy way to turn your lights on or you want to play your favorite playlist, this is a fantastic device for seniors and persons with disabilities.

Google Home Commands & functions

Commands start with "ok google" then followed up by your request

"ok google, set medication reminder everyday at 6PM"

  • Set, snooze shut off an alarm "ok google set alarm for 7am"

  • Play music from Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. "ok google play Absolutely Sweet Marie by Bob Dylan"

  • Adjust volume up & down, fast forward, rewind and replay music "ok google, turn music down"

  • With a smart light bulb, turn lights on and off. Dim and change colours. "ok google turn kitchen light off"

  • Set up appointments "ok google, set up appointment with Pacific Coast Health Services at 9am"

  • Set reminders "ok google set reminder at 10:am to take my medications"

  • Answers questions based on google search. "ok google what is the Capital City of BC?"

  • Calculator "ok Google, what is 356x201?"

  • Set up timers. This works great for things that are in the oven. "Ok google, set up timer in 53 minutes"

  • Dictionary & Thesaurus "Ok google, how do you spell "caregiver?'

  • Search online "Ok google, search caregivers in Victoria"

  • Get the news "ok google who won the election in Canada"

  • Adjust smart thermostat "Ok google, set temperature to 20 degrees"

  • Find out the weather "ok google what is the weather?'

  • Lock & unlock smart locks "ok google lock the front door"

It might not necessarily be what the doctor ordered but there is no doubt the Google Home sure can make things easier and more convenient.

This is especially true for seniors and persons with disabilities who have limited mobility, dexterity and sight.


For informational purposes only. Information contained on our site is never intended to replace legal advice from a lawyer or medical advice from a physician.


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