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Starting October 31st Facebook will begin removing the "Notes" feature from business facebook pages. As such our current notes, Welcome To Our Facebook and Contest Rules will not be available in the coming days. The removal of these notes will not change our vision of promoting a friendly, informative and enjoyable experience on all of our digital media spaces. However, the delivery of our contest rules will change. In our continued commitment to transparency and holding ourselves accountable to our digital media audience, we are moving these notes into our blog.

Pacific Coast Health Services Code of Conduct

Keeping in line with Pacific Coast Health Services' commitment to providing our fans and everyone in the digital world a safe place to engage, it is important that fans or anyone engaging on our Facebook, Instagram or any other digital platform managed by Pacific Coast Health Services understand that we all must conduct ourselves in a respectful, tolerant and dignified manner.

Therefore, content and comments containing any of the following are not allowed for posting on our page and will be removed as soon as possible without notice:

  • Profane, defamatory, offensive or violent language

  • “Trolling”, or posting deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off-track

  • Attacks on specific groups or any comments meant to harass, threaten or abuse an individual

  • Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs

  • Links or comments containing sexually explicit content material

  • Discussion of illegal activity

  • Spam, link baiting or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices

  • Acknowledgement of intent to stalk an individual or collect private information without disclosure

  • Commercial solicitations or promotion of a competitor

  • Violations of copyright or intellectual property rights

  • Content that relates to confidential or proprietary business or personal information

  • Content determined to be inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of the forum

  • Promoting competing products, services, or brands

  • Personal promotion

We reserve the right to delete, edit or hide any post at any time without notification.

Contest Rules

From time to time Pacific Coast Health Services will hold contests. We have created a set of blanket rules that are held with all contests. These blanket rules are automatically included mentioned or not with any specific instructions on any specific contest.

Blanket Rules

  1. No Purchase Necessary.

  2. Winners are eligible to win again at any time.

  3. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries.

  4. Purchase does not enhance or improve your chances of winning.

  5. Contests are held on our Facebook or Instagram or in some cases both.

  6. All contests on Facebook or Instagram are a single contest. Not to be confused with one contest per platform.

  7. You must be a current resident of the Greater Victoria Area.

  8. Prizes are to be accepted as awarded and offer no cash value.

  9. Winners are chosen at random. Where a question is part of participation, there is no wrong, right or preferred answer.

  10. Entries of pictures, videos or content must be your original work and can not have been used in a previous contest.

  11. Contestants may enter all contests one time on each platform where the contest is posted, for up to a total of two times. Multiple entries on a single platform are strictly prohibited. To prevent the possibility of fraudulent or duplicate entries, contestants are required to use their real name that is associated with their specific social media platform. For example: If you are listed as John Black on Facebook and your real name is Harry Guy, the prize can only be issued to John Black as John Black was announced as the winner. To be clear entries made using a Facebook or Instagram account that have names that do not match their valid government-issued identification are automatically disqualified.

  12. Prizes can only be accepted by the declared winner.

  13. Prizes must be picked up in person by the winner.

  14. Valid provincial identification is required upon pick up of all prizes.

  15. All contests and prizing is at the sole responsibility of the Pacific Coast Health Services and is no way part of Facebook or Instagram.

  16. To ensure the integrity of the contest we reserve the right to publish the name and photo of all winners on any Social Media Platform. Winner’s pictures or names will never be used directly or indirectly to promote Pacific Coast Health Services.

  17. Pacific Coast Health Services respects your privacy and does not share or collect what it considers to be confidential information. Information such as an address, email or phone number is considered to be personal information.

  18. Pacific Coast Health Services reserves the right to disqualify any such entrants or declared winners that are in breach of the said contest rules.

  19. Prizes must be picked up within 30 days or the prize is automatically forfeited without notice and re-gifted for another contest at a later date.

  20. Terms are subject to change without notice. It is advised that you review these terms and any additional terms as posted in our blog prior to entering each contest held by Pacific Coast Health Services.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our social media policies feel free to forward and email to rwhitney@pchservices.ca.

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National Fire Prevention Week kicked off October 4th and runs to October 10th. This annual event is to heighten public awareness and educate people on fire safety.

Older adults can face higher risk factors and quite frankly these factors can have catastrophic consequences when a fire occurs. Mobility barriers, weaker muscles, reduced cognitive function, medications, and chronic disease are just some of the risk factors that we will all experience as we age.

While not a complete list, here are 6 Fire Safety Tips for Seniors.

1. Install and maintain Fire Alarms: Most fire deaths happen in homes as a result of people breathing smoke and toxic fumes while they are asleep. Smoke alarms are an effective early warning device that can awaken sleeping occupants and help provide seniors the time they need to safely exit their home. The chance of surviving a house fire nearly doubles with the warning of a smoke detector. If you are renting your home be sure to visit the Government of BC website to understand your rights and responsibilities. It is highly recommended that everyone check the batteries on their smoke detector no less than once a year. Schedule it and do it at the same time every year.

2. Kitchen Safety: is the official fire safety message in 2020. Learn more by visiting: The National Fire Prevention Association

a. Keeping your area clutter-free and clean can help prevent items from catching fire.

b. Having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen can be effective in combating minor fires providing you have the training and the extinguisher has not expired.

c. Never leave your kitchen while the stove is on.

d. Use a timer while cooking or baking.

e. Keep a lid available to cover small flare-ups in the kitchen

e. If you are feeling tired consider ordering in or have someone help you cook.

2. Best not to smoke but if you smoke, smoke outside.

a. Keep deep and sturdy ashtray

b. Wet cigarette butts and ashes as a common practice when discarding cigarettes.

c. Never smoke in bed

d. Never ever smoke near oxygen or in a home where oxygen is being used.

Note: If you are looking for some help to quit smoking, check out the BC Smoking Cessation Program which helps eligible B.C. residents stop smoking or using other tobacco products by covering the cost of nicotine replacement therapy or covering some of the cost of specific smoking cessation prescription drugs.

3. Heater Safety

Amongst elder adults, smoking and space heaters are the most common causes of injuries and fire deaths.

a. ALWAYS follow the heater manufacture's recommendations or keep heaters at least 3 feet away from things that can burn like furniture, beds, curtains or other materials that can be ignited. (whichever is greater)

b. Always turn space heaters off before you leave the home.

c. Never use gas stoves or gas heating devices inside your home.

4. Candle Safety

The flicker of a flame and the smell of a lavender candle might offer a great way to relax and unwind, there are dangers to consider when using candles.

a. Never fall asleep with a candle burning.

b. Never leave the room while a candle is burning.

c. Know your limits. Seniors who take medications, have a chronic disease or have mobility issues should reconsider having candles in the home.

Pro Tip: Consider choosing CSA approved electric lights or battery-powered candles over regular candles. Keep flashlights with extra batteries in key locations, for example beside the bed or your favourite chair for emergencies.

5. Electrical Fire Safety

a. if you smell something burning alert your caregiver, loved one or your local fire department. Always call 911 when a fire occurs.

b. Avoid the use of frayed or old extension cords. In fact, we do not recommend the use of extension cords due to the potential tripping hazards they may cause. Do not run cords under carpets. Cords are intended for temporary use not permanent

c. Replace any appliance or electrical devices that may not be working correctly.

d. Never plug more than two appliances at a time into an outlet. Avoid using splitters.

e. Always have a qualified "electrician" to do any electrical work done in your home. Many fly by night general contractors will make claims that they can fix anything. The reality is that only certified electricians are permitted to do electrical work on any home in BC.

6. Plan, Plan, Plan

We could list hundreds more fire safety tips but no tip is worth anything without having a plan that includes a customized prevention strategy and escape plan. Every home is different and every person requires a different plan. We urge you to work with your caregiver, family members, health professionals and your local fire department to help develop the best plan for you and your situation. For residents of North Vancouver, we recommend visiting the Victoria Fire Department to get started.

Some additional Fire Safety links that you might find useful.

From Sidney to Victoria BC, Pacific Coast Health Services provides home healthcare for seniors and persons with disabilities. From respite care & 24-hour care to dementia care & advanced foot care, our care line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - 365 days a year. To book your free in-home healthcare assessment.

Call (250) 389-0202 or Email tjohnson@pchservices.ca.

This blog post was done in partnership with our good friends at Lions Gate Home Care.

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For many people in Canada, Thanksgiving long weekend is the official kick-off to the autumn season. From the beautiful autumn colours at Beacon Hill Park & raking up leaves at home to pumpkin carving and the taste of a delicious piece of pumpkin pie, Autumn is a time when everything around us changes.

While Pacific Coast Health Services thinks these are all wonderful reasons to love autumn, we think this is the perfect time of year to reflect. Reflect on what we are thankful for and to give thanks to those around us online and in person. That is why when we heard about the Festive Feast happening at the James Bay Inn, we wanted to celebrate by teaming up with the James Bay Inn by having a contest.

What are you Thankful For? Contest Details.

Prize: One $25 Gift Card James Bay Inn gift card to be used at the James Bay Inn Pub or at the JamesBay Inn Restuarant.

Duration: Contest runs from Sunday, October 4 until Sunday, October 11th at 11:59 PM.

How To Enter: Like our Facebook page, like the contest post and tell us in the comments section: What are you thankful for?

Winner: will be announced by 12 PM on Monday, October 12th.


  • You must be a resident of Vancouver Island

  • Winners are required to be able to pick up their prize at Pacific Coast Health Services' office located at 2631B Douglas St, Victoria, BC within 30 days. We will not send prizes in the mail.

  • Prizes not picked up or accepted in any other way will be given out to someone else.

  • The prize can only be picked up by the actually declared winner.

  • The prize is non-transferable

  • For transparency reasons, the winner must agree to have their photo taken with their prize. Which Pacific Coast Health Services will use to make the "official" announcement of the winner on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Pacific Coast Health Services will destroy the image after declaring the "official" winner. And will not be used at any other time for any other reason in the future.

  • No Purchase Necessary

  • Must be over the age of 19.

  • Place your entry by liking our Facebook Page, Liking the contest post on Facebook and telling us in the comments section

  • Potential winners will be contacted via Direct Messenger on Facebook to determine their eligibility.

  • If the potential winner does not qualify based on the rules set forth, another potential will be contacted until a winner is announced.

This contest is held in an exclusive partnership with the James Bay Inn Hotel and is no way part of Facebook, Instagram or any other people or parties. Pacific Coast Health Services holds the right to change or modify the contest at any time.

From Sidney to Victoria BC, Pacific Coast Health Services provides home healthcare for seniors and persons with disabilities. From respite care & 24-hour care to dementia care & advanced foot care, our care line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - 365 days a year. To book your free in-home healthcare assessment.

Call (250) 389-0202 or Email tjohnson@pchservices.ca.



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