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More than great Healthcare

Pacific Coast Health Services appreciates & takes value in the unique diversity of all the amazing people that reside on Vancouver Island.

We proudly provide the very best in Health Services regardless of age, ability, marital status, citizenship, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

About Us

Our Mission

Using compassion, integrity & respect for all, Pacific Coast Health Care Services serves is committed to providing Vancouver Island Residents with the very best in-home Healthcare Services. Proudly serving Nanaimo, BC and Victoria, B.C since 1993.

When living at home is no longer possible, we are dedicated to ensuring quality of life through physical and emotional comfort.

who we are

Our team members proudly live and work in the Greater Victoria Region & in Nanaimo B.C and are invested in our community on a very personal level. We believe every family deserves individualized in-home seniors care with a compassionate & caring touch. 

As a 100% locally owned business, we offer a friendly & responsive service which results in better care. 

We're dedicated to making our communities a better place by providing local jobs, playing an active role in our community & taking the lead in providing the very best in Home Healthcare Services.  ​



Quality healthcare starts at the top.

Our Director of OperationsTwyla Johnson RN BScN, takes a hands-on approach to address the needs of our team members and our clients. Twyla has been bringing her message of positivity, inclusion and healthcare integrity to our office and in the field for over 10 years. 

senior with twyla.jpg

"There comes a time in each of our lives when we or our loved ones need someone to care for us.

Regardless of beliefs, sexual orientation or ailments, everyone deserves quality care & should be treated with dignity & respect"

                                                                                                    Twyla Johnson RN BScN - Director of Operations

The learning never stops

Pacific Coast Health Services believes that we can not continue to provide the very best in senior's care without continuing to learn. The learning doesn't stop in the classroom after you's just the beginning. 

Through training, certification, seminars, regular staff meetings, games, workshops & hands-on practice all of our nurses and caregivers are able to provide you and your loved one with the very best in Healthcare.

medical training.png
Victoria Business Awards Finalist

Pacific Coast Health Services was honored to be a finalist for Outstanding Workplace for the 2021 Greater Victoria Business Awards.


"Our employees in the field hands down are just incredible. When you have ​supported staff​ that go out and take care of the clients, the staff are happy and the clients are happy and it makes for a much better work environment"

Twyla Johnson

RN BScN - Director of Operations


Please accept my sincere gratitude for the ongoing care and support provided to my aunt by your staff. 

I can't thank all of you enough for all that you helped us over the past 25 years. He knew you always went over  and above for Erick. He knew it took a team to make it all happen. Erick appreciated everything you did for him & he enjoyed all the conversations on all kinds of topics. There were some very special girls that cared for Erick & put up with me.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

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