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Serving Nanaimo B.C

Our Nanaimo, British Columbia clients are cared for by Care Coordinator Barbara Sedola &

Care Manager-Joyce Lange with support from Twyla Johnson our Director of Operations for Victoria and Nanaimo.

Supporting each other through a life time of support

Our Story
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Barbara and Joyce have been nursing alongside one another since the start of their careers. It all started when they entered the RN training program at Royal Jubilee Hospital together. After graduation in 1979, Joyce began her career at Cowichan District Hospital, where she worked in Palliative Care and Rehabilitation. Barb started her career at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, where she worked as an Acute Care Float Nurse.

In 1992, Joyce and Barb entered the world of Home & Community Care when they opened WeCare Home Health Services in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Along with a dedicated team of home support workers and nurses, they spent the next 23 years growing the organization and providing quality nursing and home support services to Nanaimo and the surrounding area.


“The idea of caring for people the way we would want our own family members cared for, is what got us up every morning, looking for ways to improve the services we were providing.”

In 2015, Joyce and Barb sold their WeCare Home Health Services business and became members of the CBI Home Health team. They managed Care Teams, participated in Accreditation activities, and provided education to caregivers across British Columbia.
In 2022 Barb and Joyce took the lead in Pacific Coast Health Services' expansion to Nanaimo, BC. The Nanaimo Care Team is committed to providing the same quality of senior services offered in Victoria, British Columbia. 

"Pacific Coast Health Services is founded on the same guiding principles we have aspired to throughout our careers. We feel it is a perfect fit"

Giving back to our community

Joyce and Barb have spent their entire caring careers on Vancouver Island. Giving back to the community is an organic part of who they are. 
Both Barb and Joyce volunteer in the community for organizations including Rainbows- guiding kids through life's storms”-facilitator (rotation of 12 week programs) for a number of years, Nanaimo Community Hospice-
organized staff annual walk-a-thons throughout the years, fundraising for ALS, and

participating in distribution of foods through Loaves and Fishes.

on the personal side


Barb – I have a love of the outdoors and enjoy anything that involves sitting around a campfire with family and friends. I also have an adventurous side that involves finding and riding zip lines wherever I can find them in my travels. One of the more spectacular rides was in Costa Rica where I came down a series of 9 zip lines over a large valley in the jungle.


Joyce- My husband and I have just acquired a new puppy! She is a beautiful chocolate lab which was
given the name of Mia. It has been many years since we have had a puppy and it feels like we just
brought home a new baby! She is 10 weeks old and needs to get up twice during the night and needs lots
of cuddles during the day. We are enjoying the bond that is growing each day between us.



Nanaimo Services
Portrait of an aged person

Respite Care

The best family caregivers understand that everyone needs a break. Caring for a loved one is never easy and the stress can take its toll on informal caregivers over time, both physically and mentally. We can help.

From a few hours to overnight, Pacific Coast Health Services in Nanaimo, British Columbia  will be there where and when you need us.

From Bathing & Personal Hygiene to Companionship & Personal Health Management and everything in between, Pacific Coast Health Services has the experience, qualifications and the passion to offer the very best in personal support for seniors on Vancouver Island.

Personal Support

Going or a Walk
Asthma Inhaler

When our client's needs are beyond the scope of our certified caregivers we have a team of qualified and experienced nurses to meet your healthcare needs.

Pacific Coast Health Services is actually managed by nurses with no less than 20 years experience.......each.


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