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Updated: Feb 8, 2023

How Art is Beneficial to Elder Adults

Making art can help all of us in times of stress, loneliness or boredom. In addition, for seniors, art is a fantastic way to exercise the brain, help maintain hand-eye coordination, create memories and an inexpensive way to give a gift to loved ones. When we are in a playful art-making mode, our brain lights up & can release endorphins - helping us to access memories that are linked to a meaningful life.

In fact, suggests that "artistic engagement may help to ease common behavioural symptoms of dementia like anxiety, agitation and depression. It may also boost mood and self-esteem, and possibly help stimulate memory. By having a beneficial effect on those with Alzheimerโ€™s, caregivers may find relief as well".

Without further ado, let's get busy exercising our brains.

What you will need

  • led string lights

  • 1 square piece of origami paper per lantern (any size is ok but we are using 15cm x 15cm)

How to make Origami Balloon Lanterns

Step 1: Layout your square piece of origami paper

Step 2: Fold in half diagonally into a triangle - make sure there is a solid crease by pressing down.

Step 3: Unfold and rotate, ensuring you have a sharp crease

Step 4: Fold the other half as in the previous step

Step 5: Unfold

Step 6: Flip origami paper over and fold in half. (rectangle)

Step 7: Unfold

Step 8: Fold in half the opposite way making a rectangle again

Step 9: Unfold

Step 10: Follow the crease to fold in half (triangle) as shown

Step 11: Push flat and fold corners of the top layers as shown

Step 12: Repeat on the opposit side

Step 13: Flip over and repeat the previous steps 2 steps

Step 14: Fold right and left corners into the centre as shown

Step 15: Should look like this

Step 16: Flip over and repeat the previous step

Step 17: Fold right and left bottom flaps into the center

Step 18: Making sure you have a good crease. Fold bottom flap into the side flap

Step 19: Do the same for both sides

Step 20: Repeat on the opposite side. Both sides should look like this

Step 21: blow air into the opening to puff out your lantern. Adjust shape as needed

Here is how your lantern should look like.

Step 21: Using the hole in your lantern place led lights inside. Make sure they are secure.

Step 22: Hang your lanterns up and enjoy!


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