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Seniors: Apply for a free Air Conditioner

Although it may not feel like it this week, it will get warmer in Victoria, British Columbia.

B.C. Hydro is reminding vulnerable low-income individuals, including seniors, to take advantage of the free air conditioning unit offer and apply for one.

B.C. Hydro said in a release on Thursday that the use of air conditioning in B.C. homes has increased by 20 percent over the past year—a trend that is expected to continue.

It says while the use of A.C.s has increased, they are not accessible to everyone, especially low-income people.

“To bridge the A.C. affordability gap, last summer, the Government of B.C. announced a three-year program with $10 million in funding for B.C. Hydro will install 8,000 free portable air conditioning units in the homes of British Columbians that need them the most,” it said.

Need more information on how to apply? Visit the BC Hydro Website


Are you a senior who needs support services at home? Pacific Coast Health Services provides a wide range of support services for seniors in Victoria B.C and Nanaimo, B.C.


Call our 24/7 care line at (250) 389-0202 for more information. 



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