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Oak Bay resident and World War 2 veteran John Hillman is walking 101 laps around his retirement home courtyard/driveway to raise money and awareness for Save the Children Canada.

John Hillman walking 101 laps for Save the Children Canada.

Inspired by Tom Moore a 99-year-old also a World War II veteran, who raised in access of $35 million walking around his garden, John HIllman is hitting the pavement every day at 11:00 am for 20 days in hopes of raising $101, 000.

With his wife Irene, of 79 years on his mind and wearing his medals including the Burma Star for his service in the Burma campaign during the Second World War he makes his way out into the courtyard with the support of his walker and cheering fans.

As he completes each lap he uses tally marks on a chalkboard to keep track.

As of May 8th, John Hillman is on pace to smash his goal of $101, 000 as he has completed 25 of his 101 laps and has already raised nearly $95, 000 for his efforts,

How can you support John Hillman?

  1. Donate to his fundraising campaign, visit Save The Children

  2. Support in person by visiting the Carlton House 2080 Oak Bay Avenue at 11:OO am

  3. Support online by watching live on Facebook

Are you a senior who needs support services at home? Pacific Coast Health Services provides a wide range of support services for seniors in the Greater Victoria Area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call our 24/7 care line at (250) 389-0202 for more information.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic on Vancouver Island and the entire country continues, a number of resources are being made available to help people access the information they need – when they need it.

Choosing the right number can help speed up the assistance you need as not all numbers are created equal. The minor differences in the numbers people dial can make big differences in the type of help they receive.

A breakdown of BC’s major help and tip lines and the type of help they provide:


For emergencies, or anything that requires an immediate response from ambulance, police or fire. For none emergency concerns call your local police detachment.


BC’s 24-hour health information and advice phone line, 811 is operated by HealthLink BC, which is part of the Ministry of Health. By calling 811, you can speak to a health service navigator, who can help you find health information and services, or you will be connected directly with a registered nurse, a registered dietitian, a qualified exercise professional, or a pharmacist. Any one of these healthcare professionals will help you get the information you need to manage your health concerns or those of your family.


Information about community services from BC211. Just added for seniors: A program that matches seniors who need support with non-medical essentials, to volunteers in their community who are willing to help.

Are you a senior who needs support services at home? Pacific Coast Health Services provides a wide range of support services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Call our 24/7 care line at (250) 389-0202 for more information.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a shortage of personal protective equipment for health care workers in BC. To curb this shortage for frontline workers across the province, Pacific Coast Health Services has partnered up with SafeCare BC to help out with Operation Protect.

What is Operation Protect?

Operation Protect is an effort to help healthcare workers who help all of us. This incredibly important cause is lead by SafeCare BC, which is working with BC’s Ministry of Health to collect personal protective equipment. Donations collected will be added to the provincial supply, then distributed to hospitals and other care organizations, including long-term care, home care, community health support, and assisted living facilities.

How is Pacific Coast Helping?

We will be taking in and housing donations that will be sent to Provincial Stores for redistribution.

How Can You Help

We are urgently asking individuals and organizations to donate any spare personal protective equipment that they may have. Items include examination gloves, surgical masks, protective gowns, eye protection, hand sanitizer and medical-grade disinfectant wipes.

Some specific needs are:

  • Surgical masks (approved by the FDA)

  • Exam gloves

  • Hand sanitizer (60% alcohol or higher)

  • Medical-grade disinfection wipes

  • Protective gowns

  • Eye protection (glasses, goggles, and face shields)

  • N95, N99, and N100 masks (approved by the FDA, NIOSH, or CSA)

  • R95, R99, and R100 masks (approved by the FDA, NIOSH, or CSA)

  • P95, P99, and P100 masks (approved by the FDA, NIOSH, or CSA)

  • Elastomeric half- or full-facepiece respirators (including filters)

  • Powered air-purifying respirator (and accessories)

All donations must be unused and unopened.

Healthcare workers need this equipment to protect themselves and provide safe, quality care. Without it, they’re at higher risk of injury or illness. These workers are on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they need our support today.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit the SafeCareBC website, call 1-877-955-6565 or email info@safecarebc.ca

Please note: our office is currently closed to the public without an appointment. As such pickups and drop offs of all donations must be arranged through the SafeCareBC website. For security purposes donated equipment will be stored at an undisclosed secure location.

Thank you in advance for your support.


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